Today's Catholic Survey, 2018
The purpose of this survey is to evaluate the effectiveness and relevancy of Today’s Catholic as (1) the official news channel of Archdiocese of Kuching; (2) a means of evangelisation; and (3) platform to inform and transform the faithful, in assisting them in their spiritual, educational and social needs.
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Local News – reporting on the happenings in the Archdiocese and beyond
Vatican News – happenings in the universal church
Vatican News – papal teachings and exhortations
Features – biblical and spiritual reflections
Features – Q & A on Catholic faith and practices
Features – articles on general and social interests
If there is no Today’s Catholic, how do you get your news or information on what is happening in the church or on faith matters? *
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Thank you for taking your time to take part in the survey. Your feedback is very much appreciated. If there is anything you wish to add, please do so below.
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