Fiscal Sponsorship Intake
This application, helps us better understand how to help Grantees with their projects. We work with events, movements, individuals and projects that further Far Away's Mission. We fiscally sponsor in dollars, as well as cryptocurrency.

Grantees are welcome from all over the world, though Far Away Projects is California-based.

Primary Contact's Full Name: *
Who will we be communicating with about the project moving forward?
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Project Name: *
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Project Website:
Any further information on your project that's visible on the internet will do (i.e.: event page, Facebook, PDF, etc)
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Skype, phone number, WhatsApp, etc.
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Payee Name: *
What is the name of the person or organization Far Away Projects would be paying donated funds to
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to which type of entity would we be sending payments?
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Total Budget Amount: *
In US Dollars, what is the total budget for this project or the total annual budget for this organization? (please fill in to the best of your ability even if you are not sure yet.)
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Fundraising Goal: *
What is the total amount you would like to raise through Fiscal Sponsorship (please fill in to the best of your ability if you are not sure.)
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Brief Project Description: *
What will you do as part of this project? What will participants do? What will it look like? What is the physical manifestation?
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Mission Fit *
Far Away Projects is a California-based nonprofit public benefit corporation. We want to know how your activities further our mission to bring science and education to those wanting to learn, and sustainably create abundance of resources to those who are in need. This ranges from solving conservation challenges, providing for basic human needs, and reaches as far as supplying tools to solve problems stemming from climate change.
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