Week #19 ---- 5/13-5/17 ----- Team RTB Check IN
Teams will take the number of athletes they have and multiply that by the allowed (3) check ins per week to get their Highest Total # of workouts. Let's say you have 6 people on your team, you would multiply 6 x3 for a Highest total # of workouts equaling 18. Next your team will enter their total number of workouts they are Checking In for. Let's say it is a total of 15 this week (max 3 per person). Final step is to take the number of workouts you checked in for divided by the total number to get the percentage score for your team attendance! 15/18=83.3%
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Multiply your team members by (3) to get your Highest Total # of workouts your team could check IN for this week. *
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Final step, take the # of workouts your team is checking in for & divide that by highest total of workouts your team could have checked in for. This will give you your team attendance percentage for the week! (Read through example at top of form if you need help). *
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