India’s Most Admired & Valuable Dental Clinic 2016
Healthcare Delivery is key to healthcare innovations leading to affordable & quality healthcare. Pharma Leaders 2016 is looking out for a transnational Dental Healthcare Clinic out of the six finalists that Pharma Leaders Research brought out. The potential size of India’s dental market is vast and is expected to become one of the largest single country markets for overseas dental products and materials.The total market for the dental equipment and materials is estimated to be around US$ 90 million annually.The Indian market presents lucrative and diverse opportunities for exporters with the right products, services and commitment. There are more than 1,80,000 dental professionals in India, 303 dental institutes and
over 5,000 dental laboratories.According to the Indian Dental Association (IDA) the overall dental industry including products and equipment is expected to reach $100 billion by 2015 from the current $65 billion and is projected to hit $250 billion by 2020. Surely a large part of this is dominated by products but dental care as a service is also expected to account for a significant chunk of the growth here on. The dentist to population ratio is estimated at 1:10,000 in urban areas whereas it falls drastically to 1:150,000 in rural areas. This shows the huge demand and supply gap which only increases as we move beyond the larger cities. Here are the nominees to vote!
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