We want to hear from you! Students, guardians/parents, you can each complete your own form!
Hello students and families! We miss you all and want to stay connected and help/support each other. We would love to hear from our students and families! Please consider responding to "We want to hear from you!". We want to know how you are doing, what you might need and are offering some resources you might find helpful. Students and parents/guardians can each complete their own form! We look forward to hearing from all of you!
Please continue to check our Wang School website (https://www.lowell.k12.ma.us/Page/25) or our Wang School FaceBook Page (https://www.facebook.com/lpsdwang/) for information and if you have Facebook, follow us on there too!

* Adapted from Daley School student & family survey
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Did you know LPS is offering "Grab and Go Lunches"? As of March 23rd breakfast for the next day will be included! link to the LPS website for updates on this: https://www.lowell.k12.ma.us/Page/3776
Additional Resources: This information can also be found on our website; https://www.lowell.k12.ma.us/domain/2730
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