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------------------------- We do not provide Room & Board. Must have reliable transportation ------------
Teaching staff - Instructors, Leader in training Volunteers - Work part/full-time at one campsite
Supervisory staff - Camp Supervisors/Assistant directors - Work full-time at a one campsite.
Support staff - HR, curriculum design, marketing, photographer, etc

The dates of employment for teaching staff are from early June until mid August, depending on location. You can apply for week-long full day (AM+PM) or half day (AM or PM) positions.

Teaching staff and Camp Supervisors work up to 6-weeks in the same campsite. Once hired, they select their weeks.

Study the website and do your research first. Note that the answers to the following questions are NOT the only consideration for this application, however, following instructions, level of detail, quality of answers are all indicative of your attitude towards this application and the job for which you are applying. Anything that you can do to show your relevant experience, reliability, Leadership, communication skills, punctuality, and enthusiasm for the job will increase your chances.... But keep it short. Quality is better than quantity!

Optional steps:
1) Optional: Create and upload to YouTube a 1-min video,
2) Optional: Email (see Subject format) a link to your video (if any) and a paragraph on why you are the best candidate plus a resume (if any) which you can cut and paste and/or attach. The email SUBJECT and RESUME File Name (if any) both follow this format: "FirstName-LastName-JobTitle-yyyy" . Read more about video suggestions and these instructions on the Jobs page & research our website.
Last Name *
First Name *
Email *
Give an email you will be looking at during spring and summer. If needed send two email addresses separated with ","
Daytime Phone *
Best contact number (or Cell Phone)
Roles you are interested in *
Choose ALL that Apply. We train all teachers on all subjects including Coding and Business. The preference is given to those who can work the entire camp season up to 6weeks and have experience working with us. Instructors must be adults and over 18. Assistant Teachers can be high school seniors. Camp Supervisors must be college graduate and teaching experience is desired. AM shift is Coding (8am-1pm), PM shift is Entrepreneurship (12:00-3 and/or 12-5:30).
Education level *
Instructors must be over 18 and preferably have experience. High school students who want to be volunteer camp counselors must have school work permit and be at least rising 10th grade.
Check all the locations convenient for you *
Pick a location close to you. The exact address of the camp locations will be posted on the website in Jan/Feb of each year
Salary Desired *
What is your minimum hourly salary expectation?
Can you perform the physical duties of the job? *
Camp staff will be expected to lift up to 20lb, stand long periods, sit, walk and often run during the camp day.
Will you have a reliable transportation during the summer *
You will need a car to drive to campsites and often need to take 1-2 box of supplies with you. This is not applicable if your job can be performed remotely, for example if you are a curriculum designer.
We run complete background checks and fingerprints of all employees. Feel free to comment or add anything,
Your address
This address will be used to send your PAYCHECK (unless you fill out direct deposit form later). Also we use this address for your employment records. Don't forget CITY, STATE, ZIP !
If we select you for employment and send you an offer, are you in a position to ACCEPT right away (or within 2 days)?
Note you won't start until early June.
Home Phone
optional: Home or Evening phone
How did you hear about us?
T-Shirt Size
School / College
Enter the name of the educational institution you have attended (or are currently attending) & degree received (if any)
Camp staff: instructors will likely be assigned to only one location but Choose all locations you could realistically teach. We will create and share a schedule for your approval. Each location has 4-6 weeks of camp. If a location is changed in the coming summer, you will get assigned to one closest to it. Check the distance (exact site will be posted on the website by Jan/Feb). Try NOT to pick a location that you may later cancel/change due to heavy traffic! Reliability (and being on time) is the most important trait. We have provided career-changing REFERENCES for our most reliable teachers.
Dates of Availability - From:
What is the earliest you can start working this SUMMER? We have online training & in-person orientation May or June weekend
What is the latest you can still be working this summer
Planned absences
Any experience that shows you have LEADERSHIP skills (including student gov) and/or you have worked at a camp setting or with a group of students is relevant! Showing you have good communication or customer service skill is great.
Prior Experience with Startup Wonder? (if any)
Prior Employer 1
Employer_Name, Your_Title, Dates (from-to), Responsibilities, Supervisor_name, Supervisor_Phone. If NO previous employer, list any relevant Experience at school, ...
Prior Employer 2
Employer_Name, Your_Title, Dates (from-to), Responsibilities, Supervisor_name, Supervisor_Phone
Why should we consider your application?
What extracurricular activities or clubs or volunteer work you enjoy or are you proud of?
Tell us about your strengths and give examples
Tell us about your weaknesses and give examples
Tell us your ideal work day and work environment including hours, coworkers, tasks, etc.
Video Link
Campsite staff: (optional but recommended) Share below the link to YouTube Video (max ~1min) showing us your personality and charisma while teaching something (doesn't matter what, making origami, pitch fake invention, ... :) Make it engaging and dynamic, so try NOT to just sit at your desk, stand/walk/present, have fun.
Provide any additional information you want us to consider or any clarification, to specific questions, etc.
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