SDC Postponements and Forfeits Form
To register a forfeit or postponement for any Rounds of the 2020 Schools Debating Competition, please complete this form. The opposing school must be notified for all forfeits as soon as possible. The opposing school must be notified and have agreed to a Make-Up Round date to successfully postpone/prepone your debate.
NOTE: We accept and encourage preponements (debates can take place in a Make-Up Round prior to the scheduled debate round).
NOTE: Make-Up Round venues are TBA.
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If you would like to have the debate held on a Make Up Night later/earlier in the season, please select 'Postponement/Preponement'. If you would like to forfeit the debate, please select 'Forfeit'.
Have you received approval from the opposition's school Coordinator, or notified them of the forfeit? *
Please get in touch with the Coordinator of the opposing team to let them know if the debate is not going ahead.
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Your School, not the Venue at which you compete.
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Make-Up Round 1: May 19/20, Make-Up Round 2: June 23/24. NOTE: Teams can only schedule ONE debate per MUR night. Teams are not allowed to debate twice on a MUR night.
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