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Dear Prospective Volunteer,

Welcome to SASS and to the movement to end sexual violence! SASS’ mission is to provide services to survivors of past and present sexual assault, and to change societal conditions that allow oppression, especially sexual violence, to exist. Displayed on our website you will find an outline of SASS’ 24-hour direct services for the people of Lane County and Oregon. Whether you are new to this social/political movement or continuing in your work to end the violence of sexual abuse, we thank you sincerely for your interest in volunteering at SASS.

Our Direct Service Training puts sexual violence into a political and social context. It is required for all volunteers. Summer training will consist of a 40 hour online training, which you will complete at your leisure. After folks have gone through and provided thoughtful answers, we will hold an in person training to help contextualize the material, as well as form connections with staff and other volunteers. This training will be mid May , and consist of a couple evenings during the week and all day Saturday. If you prefer to receive training in person, our Fall training, which is slated for October, may be a better fit. This training is 37 hours, held over about a month of Monday and Wednesday evenings, as well as Saturdays. We will discuss which format will work better for you during your interview. If you have questions about anything, please feel free to call (541) 484-9791 ext. 317, or email .

Upon completion of the Volunteer Training, each trainee will go through an informal two-way interview with a SASS staff member. This is an opportunity to ask questions of and give feedback to each other. Together we will discuss your interests and skills, and our additional training requirements necessary for you to move from a trainee to a regular volunteer. We also have a process of shadowing and supported on-the-job training for each volunteer job description. You will always be able to receive mentoring as a volunteer at SASS and in time you may become a mentor to newer volunteers.

Each new volunteer training is exciting for the current volunteers and staff because new volunteers (you!) bring new ideas, expertise and energy. The rewards of volunteering at SASS are many. You will have the opportunity to meet new people, to work with others towards a common goal, to acquire new skills, to offer services to survivors, and to network with other community agencies. In return SASS encourages initiative, dedication and responsibility on the part of the trainee/volunteer so that we may offer the best possible services to survivors and do the most effective work for social change. If you are willing to make an effort on behalf of yourself and others, you will find that you are very welcome here and that your work makes a difference!

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