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Please submit this form if you are not able to register for this course, but would like to be considered. You will be sent a PIN to add the course when a space is available. Because of concerns about students "holding places" for other students, we will not provide any information about your exact position, but we may be able to estimate the chance that you will be able to register. The undergraduate section (3350) is for undergraduates. Masters students cannot get credit for 3000/6000 level classes, and I would prefer to reserve spaces for students who can receive credit.

This is neither a programming class nor a literature class, but we will program and we will discuss literature. No one is expected to have all of these skills -- in fact, the class works best when everyone is out of their comfort zone at least some of the time. But you must at least have an interest in both computation and literature/history to contribute to the class.
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