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- All requests are required to have the related student's SAHS email address and ID number
- Parent/Guardian requests are required to be submitted using the primary parent email address. This is typically the email address that receives all email correspondences from the school.
- It is recommended to send support requests via student's SAHS google account
- Support requests submitted from non-listed parent/guardian email addresses will not be processed.
- Updating of HOUSEHOLD (all those who currently reside with student) and NON-HOUSEHOLD contacts (those who don't reside with student: emergency pick up contact, grandparents, neighbors, etc.) are completed via portal account.
- The addition of HOUSEHOLD contacts (individuals living with student with portal rights but are not currently listed in portal view) can be submitted via:

*** Attention Class of 2024 Parents/Guardians – Your Infinite Campus parent/guardian portal accounts will not be ready until the start of the new school year. Updates will be posted in the Incoming Class of 2024 Google Classroom when available. Thank you. ***

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