Student Survey Grades 6 - 12 Maumee City Schools
Student Perception Survey
My school is: (check all that apply)
I am in
I am a
I am (fill in all that apply)
I came to this school as a
I feel safe at this school
I feel like I belong at this school
My teachers treat me fairly
My principals treat me fairly
The office staff treats me fairly
Other students at this school treat me with respect
I find what I learn in school to be relevant to real life
My teachers expect me to do my best
My teachers are understanding when students have personal problems
My teachers know me well
My teachers care about me
In my classes, time is spent doing work that I find meaningful
I like this school
I like the students at this school
Students at this school like me
In what areas do you feel ready for the real world (mark all that apply)
What do you like about this school?
Your answer
What do you wish was different about this school?
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