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The CA Content Library (Library) is a free repository of files on California’s accountability and continuous improvement system. The Library is sponsored and curated by the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence (CCEE) as part of its responsibilities (i) to advise and assist county offices of education, school districts, and charter schools (collectively, local educational agencies or LEAs) in achieving the goals set forth in their LCAPs and (ii) to establish a statewide process to provide professional development training to LEAs for the purpose of successfully utilizing the California School Dashboard and the LCAP template.

Anyone may submit a file to be considered by the CCEE for inclusion in the Library. Whenever possible, each file is reviewed by at least one review team (a team may include representatives from county offices of education, statewide education associations, advocacy organizations, community-based organizations, and other entities selected by the CCEE), which then makes a recommendation to the CCEE. The CCEE ultimately determines whether to “accept,” “accept with conditions,” “hold,” or “not accept” the file based on any recommendations offered by a review team as well as other factors including, but not limited to: the file’s accuracy and accord with relevant laws and regulations; the file’s applicability given the current needs of and practices in the field as determined by the CCEE; and whether the file is commensurate with the CCEE’s overall mission. While all submissions are welcome, no file is guaranteed to be accepted into the Library and the CCEE, in its sole discretion, makes the final decision regarding whether and how to include a file in the Library. The CCEE also endeavors to regularly review the files in the Library in an effort to only maintain accurate and current content.

The Terms and Conditions for submitting a file may be found at


The Trainers' Collection is a subset of Library files restricted for use by local trainers developing local trainings on California’s accountability and continuous improvement system. The goal of the Trainers' Collection is to help develop and build the capacity of LEAs as well as stakeholder groups (statewide associations, advocacy organizations, community-based organizations, and other education-focused non-profit organizations) to offer such trainings. The Trainers' Collection accomplishes this goal by providing local trainers with accurate and current training materials for use in local trainings on California’s accountability and continuous improvement system so that all such local trainings using files from the Trainers' Collection will be substantively aligned and consistent (although not necessarily uniform). Local trainers will have access to the Trainers' Collection once they complete a CCEE-led Library orientation and agree to the Library’s terms of use.

This form is to be completed by an individual who wishes to submit a file to be considered for inclusion in the Trainers' Collection. A SEPARATE form must be completed for EACH file submitted. Files that are to be used together in a local training must be combined into a single file.

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