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All data and personal information collected will be kept confidential and only the volunteer committee will have access for registration, administrative and emergency purposes.

The community has always been grappling with the issue of cliff-steep decline in support and engagement for children with special needs outside of the school system. In school, students are meaningfully engaged in academics, the arts and sports. Through these activities, they develop functional skills and build important relationships with their peers and teachers. Harmony Community Choir was conceptualised based on the premise that these children with special needs need community based opportunities to continue building and developing skills, make friends and stay connected through participation in social activities.

Harmony Community Choir hopes to meaningfully engage young adults with special needs, in a casual, recreational and enjoyable environment, through singing and dancing, with the vision to realise young adults’ (with special needs) identities as artists. The choir is led by a committee consisting artistic director Ms Irene Jansen, SPED School educators and friends. Gateway Academy is Harmony Community Choir’s partner for Venue and Logistics. Gateway Theatre is located at 3615 Jalan Bukit Merah Singapore 159461.

Please read carefully before completing the form below:
1. The choir is intended for participants 18 years old and above.
2. Choir Sessions will start promptly at 7pm and end by 830pm weekly on Thursday evenings.
3. Choir Sessions will happen at Gateway Theatre Studio 1, unless otherwise informed.
4. Participants and their Parents/Caregivers are expected to travel to the venue and be on time for Choir Sessions.
5. Parents/Caregivers accompanying participants can wait for them outside the studio or in the vicinity. Please remain contactable at all times in the event of emergency.
6. Siblings/Friends are welcome to join the Choir Sessions as singing volunteers.
7. This Choir is set up and organised by volunteers and there are also no participation fees involved.

Volunteers interested in joining us can register their interest here: https://goo.gl/forms/SdIKInWrrezegJ9H2

Registration instructions:
1. Please prepare a latest photo of the participant for uploading.
2. Please fill in all fields and be specific. The data is important to us especially in emergency situations.
3. The main mode of communication will be via WhatsApp group chat (Harmony Community Choir).Please indicate who will be the main contact person for communications, this can be the participant, the parent/caregiver or both.
4. You will receive an email within 2 weeks upon submission if membership is confirmed.

If you have questions, please enquire through harmonycommunitychoir@gmail.com
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