Votes for Women
Directions: Examine the comic, source information, and background information to answer the questions below.
Votes for Women
A women's suffrage propaganda postcard countering the rhetoric that voting will make a woman masculine by taking on masculine roles.
Date: 1915
Author: Katherine Milhouse
Publisher: National Woman Suffrage Publishing Co. Inc, New York
Question 1: What is the author's perspective on women's suffrage? What makes you think so?
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Question 2: What do you think the author's purpose for creating the comic was?
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Question 3: What was different about political cartoons during this time period compared to today? What is the same?
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Question 4: Do you trust the comic to be representative of the time period it was created? Why?
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Instructional Goal
This question asks students to engage in sourcing and contextualization. It would be a good intro to talking about looking into bias of sources. Students must think about the content of the comic and then analyze and reason as to why this particular comic was created and what it tells us today about the time period then.

Question 1: I expect the students would be able to glean the author's perspective of the comic by reading it and the information provided. They should be able to tell me that the author is showing the irony of the anti-suffragist movement. It is a good intro question to get them thinking about what exactly the author is trying to say in sources even if the meaning is a bit hidden.

Question 2: I also expect the students to be able to answer this question with something related to "drumming up support for the women's suffrage movement" and I hope it helps them to activate prior knowledge they may know about the women's suffrage movement.

Question 3: I expect to get a range of responses to this question. In my classroom we look at political cartoons and propaganda quite often so they should have some experience with this.

Question 4: This is more of an opinion question that will get them to think back to what they know about the suffragist movement again and for them to gauge the amount of support and opposition they know it has

I would use this assignment in the middle of a unit of the suffragist movement or at least after giving an amount of background knowledge.

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