Client Satisfaction Survey
We are glad you reached out to Trellis Counseling. Our goal is to ensure our clients are matched with a clinician who is the best fit for them and want to make sure you have a positive experience overall. Below are a few questions to give us an idea of any improvements or feedback you may have after your first visit and occasionally thereafter. If you have the time, we would love to hear from you!
*Questions are adapted from Scott Miller's Session Rating Scale.
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Please rate your sessions with your clinician so far.
The connection with your clinician
I did not feel heard, understood, and respected.
I felt heard, understood and respected.
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Goals and topics in your sessions
We did not work on or talk about what I wanted to work on and talk about.
We worked on and talked about what I wanted to work on and talk about.
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Your therapist's approach or method
The therapist's approach was not a good fit for me.
The therapist's approach was a good fit for me.
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Overall *
Overall there was something missing in the session.
Overall our session was right for me.
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