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This form is for organizations and companies seeking to sponsor the work of the Black Girls Do STEM organization. We invite you to read our advocacy agenda located on our website prior to submitting this form.  As a organization committed to racial equity and educational equity we are transparent to our parents, students and community stakeholders the corporate entities that support our work, we choose to work with those who have a similar commitment to racial equity and social justice.
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Do you take the pledge to adopt and (if applicable) implement the policy recommendations of the BGDSTEM organization in your spear of influence?
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What is the percentage of funds donated to charity from your entity in the last 2 years relative to your total sales or total budget?
What percentage of your executive leadership team do black women occupy?
What is the number of black women on your executive leadership team?
What percentage of your workforce in STEM specific roles, are black?
What percentage of senior Management are black?
Do you currently have any community benefit programs or initiatives organized internally by your workforce?  (e.g. reoccurring service projects)
What is your theory of action for your sponsorship of the Black Girls Do STEM organization and our impact?
What is your company philosophy around anti-racism and anti-bias work in society and the workspace? Can you point to any specific initiatives or policies you have enacted in the last 2 years to combat racism in workplace?
Why do you wish to sponsor the work of our organization specifically, instead of other race and or gender focused STEM educational organizations?
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