National Zakat Survey Form
Holy month of Ramzan is approaching. In this month, most of us give our of Zakat contribution. In order to move over to an organised way of Zakat collection and distribution, which you would appreciate is the need of the hour, we young and dedicated persons under the banner of Association of Muslim Professionals, are carrying out a survey to understand the present pattern. We invite you to take out 5 minutes of your valuable time and tick your answers in the survey. We assure you, we will maintain confidentiality.

We urge you to extend this invite to your friends and relatives to participate in this online survey.The result of this survey shall be used purely for scholarly purposes and shall be used as a guide in making Zakat a stronger pillar in the lives of the Muslim Ummah (community).

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1. Do you pay regular Zakat? *
2. Rate your knowledge about all five pillars of Islam on the scale of 1 to 5, where 1 represents (have least knowledge) and 5 (have most knowledge) *
3. As per your view, do you have sufficient knowledge about Zakat & its benefits? *
4. Are you confident in your ability to calculate your Zakat accurately? *
5. How much Zakat (INR) you paid last year?
6. When do you distribute Zakat? *
7. Do you give your Zakat to same set of individuals every year? *
8. Please mention where does your maximum portion of Zakat goes to? *
9. For which needs do you the give the maximum portion of your Zakat? *
10. Have you seen the change in the lives of person/families to which you have donated your Zakat in the past? *
11.What should be the best way to give Zakat? *
12. Do you think that Collective Zakat has the potential of transforming Muslim community in India? *
13. According to you, the most important area where Zakat should be used? *
14. Do you agree that there should be a process to make todays Zakat beneficiary to Zakat giver in future? *
15. Do you think there is a requirement of mechanism (developing organization) for collective Zakat fund system, to bring a change in how Zakat is collected & distributed? *
16. Would you like to volunteer if such an initiative is launched in future? *
17. Please suggest your views and opinions which shall help in overall upliftment of the community? *
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Jazak Allah for taking part in this survey.
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