Student Affairs Programming Council - Online Application

The Division of Student Affairs views student organization programs as an integral part of the University’s educational objectives and provides programming grants for student organization activities that are consistent with the University’s educational mission.

Programming, as defined by the Programming Council, is an event, supplemental to the classroom experience, which is initiated and sponsored by a student organization(s); it is educational, cultural and/or contributes to the development of students and the campus community. The Student Affairs Programming Council supports such student sponsored programming by assisting students in completing all necessary steps in proposal development, writing and submission.


Due Dates for Fall 2009:
September 30
October 14
October 28
November 11
December 9

Due Dates for Winter 2010:
January 13
January 27
February 3
February 17
March 3
March 17


In a given year, groups may apply for $500 to be applied to student organization programming but are not guaranteed to receive $500. Groups may request the $500 limit in one or over several proposals throughout the year.

o Awards are given to programs which are open to the entire University community and create a significant impact on the student experience at Michigan. Programs should further University values and educate participants.
o Proposals promoting cultural diversity, collaboration, and interaction between student groups are highly encouraged.
o Proposals are evaluated in the order received. SAPC has limited funding available.
o Funding allocations are determined on a yearly basis. Continued funding of events cannot be guaranteed.
o SAPC may designate how funds are allocated, spent, and conserved.
o Appropriate University policies and procedures regarding the use of facilities must be observed.
o The planning committee members for the event must be currently registered University of Michigan students and all student organizations must be registered and in good standing for the current academic year. Faculty and staff may serve as advisors only and may not initiate the program or proposal.
o Programs sponsored by UM regental authorized student groups (University Activities Center, Campus Broadcasting Network, and the Student Publications Board) or student-fee generated groups (Michigan Student Assembly and school/college student governments) will not be funded.
o Most programs are not and should not be completely funded by the Student Affairs Programming Council.
o SAPC awards may NOT be used for the following: stipends for sponsoring membership, scholarships, clothing, direct charitable donations, travel, raffles, door prizes, gift certificates, articles for resale, or routine operating expenses not directly related to the event. Events whose proceeds benefit an outside charity can be funded only through one student organization's proposal. The program/event must fit the mission statement of SAPC. The charity may never be the organization itself.

Proposals NOT funded:

∙ Religious services
∙ Programs promoting a partisan, political agenda
∙ Off campus programs
∙ Programs for academic credit or class project
∙ Publications (newsletters, handbooks, journals, etc.)
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    Student Organization Information Sheet

    Organizations applying for funding must be registered with the Michigan Student Assembly and have an account with Student Organization Accounts Service
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    The Funding Proposal for Your Student Organization's Program

    In this section, you will describe the event for which you are seeking funding. You will need to include: description; purpose/goals of the program; expected impact; other unique aspects to proposed program. You will also need to include information that addresses your publicity/advertising strategy, target audience and your anticipated attendance.
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    The Budget Proposal for Your Student Organization's Program

    In this section, you will provide detailed information on your expected budget. Expenditures & revenue should be equal.
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    The SAPC Application

    Your application will be reviewed and a decision made within 10 business days of the deadline. Thank you for enriching the Michigan experience. If you have questions about your application, call the Office of Student Activities & Leadership: 734 763-5900.

    If Awarded a SAPC Grant

    FINAL REPORTS ARE REQUIRED TO RECEIVE FUNDING. An SAPC Final Report will be emailed to awardees once an award is made. The final report must be submitted within 30 days from the date of your program. All student organizations are required to complete the form to receive the awarded funding from SAPC. Failure to complete a final report or the submission of an incomplete final report will result in a forfeit of your organization's funds.
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