Church Re-Gathering Volunteers
First and foremost—

If you're getting this, it means that you have ventured out of your home and back to church at some point this summer! Thank you! You'll never understand what an encouragement it has been to see your face.


As we see more and more beginning to return to gatherings each week, we want to stay in front of every curve we can!

The staff team is doing our best to anticipate what will be needed this fall at CCC to help people join Jesus out in His mission of making disciples. We've identified two key areas where we need your help.

1) Community Kids Preschool - We hope to open one preschool room at a time (10 kid max in addition to other precautions) at some point this fall. With this being a necessary contact area, temperatures will be taken. Being able to provide this simple service would encourage several families to re-engage with Jesus and his church - this is urgent!

2) Hospitality - Did you know that most people determine what their church experience will be within the first three minutes of being there? We need people at each door and one in the parking lot each Sunday welcoming them with the love of Jesus.

We need you on the team as we prepare to welcome back other members of our family in addition to new faces throughout the fall.

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