Oakwood ISD 4 Day School Week Survey
Oakwood ISD is seeking the input from all stakeholders regarding the possibility of moving to a 4 day school week. This schedule would also include plans to address parents who work and do not have child care available on the additional day off. State law requires students to attend a certain required number of minutes (75,600) which all school calendars must comply with.
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Is a 4 day school week something that you could support for the upcoming school year if childcare was addressed?
Would lengthening the school day by approximately 30-35 minutes in order to accomplish this be acceptable?
Would a 4 day school week help parents to schedule appointments and personal business in order for students to miss less instructional time?
What are some concerns of moving to a 4 day school week?
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What are some of the benefits of moving to a 4 day school week?
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Any additional comments or concerns.
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