SIRTA Deployment Request Form
This form is required if you wish to deploy your instruments or equipments at SIRTA.

Please fill up and submit the form to help the SIRTA tech. team to prepare your request.

The SIRTA manager will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about your request. More detailed questions might be required later to complete this request.
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Principal Investigator Name *
Enter the name of the person that is in charge of the deployment/use/installation/analysis.
Institution *
Name of your institution.
Phone Number *
Phone number where you can be joined
Email *
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Instrument or campaign Name *
Name your instrument or campaign name
Date of expected deployment *
Which zone is concerned with this deployment *
Enter the name of the zone concerned with this test/field campaign/installation
Short Description of the instrument/instruments (Types, frequencies, dimension, weight, other constraints...) * *
Project description *
Please provide institute/laboratory/company and scientific objectives.
Names and Emails of the technical staff in charge of the instrument/instruments *
Basic Information
Period of operation *
Do you need power? *
If yes, please select other and provide the maximum electric power consumption (kWh)
Do you need network? *
If yes, please select other and provide the maximum data flow rate (Mb/h)
Safety information
Name and Email of the person in charge of equipment and staff safety *
This person will be responsible to secure your installation, will guaranty the security of the equipments and the persons using the equipment, will be the security contact of the SIRTA Tech team
Will you manipulate the following devices? *
Proper security discussion will be needed with SIRTA Tech team and SIRTA security manager.
Final step
Mandatory engagement by the principal investigator
The PI takes responsability for his instruments deployed at SIRTA, guaranty the safety of the person working with his devices and check if proper safety measures are taken. *
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