Authentic High School Baseball Hats for Sale
The High School Baseball Program has 22 hats available for purchase. These are the hats the high school kids wear for games. All of these hats are YOUTH SIZE (the same size you wear for your select league team). Coach Schramek bought these Youth Sized hats for his high school players because some of his players requested a smaller hat. As it turned out these Youth Hats did not work out (they were TOO small) - This being the case, if you'd like an authentic Hamilton Chargers Baseball hat please fill out this form and submit it to Coach Schramek. This will be "first come, first serve." When you submit the form it includes the day you submitted & the time you submitted. Coach Schramek will use that to determine who gets the 22 available hats. Questions or concerns please feel free to email Coach Schramek (the Head Varsity Baseball Coach at the High School) Thanks for your support of the Hamilton High School Baseball Program
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The cost for the hat is $20. You can pay with check or cash. If you would like to write a check please make the check out to "Hamilton High School Baseball" If you would like to pay in cash simply give the cash to your coach - Your organization president has an envelope to collect the money - (Which I will pick up once all hats have been accounted for) *
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