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This is for a quote only. Final rates would be determined after an application is submitted and a underwriter reviews. Often, an insurance agent/agency will not ask these questions and simply provide you the best rate available. After an underwriting review, to the disappointment of the applicant they do not get that magical rate provided in the clever marketing advertisement.
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How much life insurance? 5 to 10 times income is a general rule of thumb. If you want to look at a few options, please list. If term insurance, please provide the length (10, 15, 20, 25, 30 or 40 years). *
Tobacco / Marijuana Use (All Forms) *
Family Record: Father, Mother or Sibling had a history of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, mental illness or attempted suicide? If yes, please elaborate on who, age, disease and if still living. *
Have you ever participated in, or within the next two years do you intend to participate in, hang-gliding, sky diving, parachuting, ultralight flying,vehicle racing, scuba diving, mountain or rock climbing, rodeos, competitive skiing or snowboarding, extreme sports or other hazardous activities? *
Moving Violations last 5 years? If yes, list below. *
Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, reckless driving last 5 years? If yes, give dates? *
Anxiety, depression, suicide attempt or any psychiatric, mental or emotional condition or disorder? *
Any medications you take on an ongoing basis for a condition? Please provide any details. IE: Statin for Cholesterol, Xarelto for Blood Clot, Amlodipine for High Blood Pressure, etc. *
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