SCU Medical Elective Programs (Summer Program)
Medical students all around the globe,
Pack your bags and get your passports ready.

This is the ultimate opportunity for you if you want to spend a month in Egypt, attending a medical elective program in one of the best medical schools in the country mixed with an amazing social program and trips to its most beautiful cities.
We are offering you a professional medical elective training in Suez Canal University hospital in Ismailia City with no time boundaries, you can come whenever you want to and have a medical training in a department of your choice. It’s all up to you.

So how does this program work?
The Medical Elective Program:
The Elective training program period is 4 weeks in which the student is placed in a students’ hostel or apartment according to various conditions which are the incoming students’ number and safety measures.
The scientific course is exceptionally unique as it is based mainly in motivating the student to learn different medical situations via Evidence-based learning as the student is handled a medical case “problem” and the student is expected to cover all the learning objectives within the problem during each week by attending lectures, out-clinics and the hospital.

Moreover, the student is free to attend the clinic of the desired department whenever he/ she desires under the tutor’s supervision. This will help him to solve the problem on a medical scientific background base and on the clinical base where he reads about the problem and apply what he read and relate it Clinically.
The course is conducted in English and consists of clinical rounds, interactive lectures, discussions and individual or group assignments.
Study materials comprise lectures, illustrations, discussions, visualizations (video), list of key books and articles, electronic learning including discussion board, links and websites and individual assignments, such as interview or essay assignments.

The available departments are:
-Internal medicine
-Emergency medicine
-Gynecology and Obstetrics

The Social program:
-Social program in Ismailia city:
Ismailia is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt even referred to as The City of Beauty and Enchantment or The Paris of Egypt. It is located in the north-eastern Egypt on the west bank of the Suez Canal. The canal widens at the point to include Lake Timsah, a lake which can be only described as magnificent. Ismailia is full of beautiful places that you can visit, its streets are always surrounded by trees and grass, other than the ones where you can see the Suez Canal and Lake Timsah on either side, and it has lots and lots of amazing restaurants and Cafes.

-Three Trips:
1- Portsaid (halfday trip)
2- Cairo (2-day trip)
3-Alexandria (2-day trip)

-Optional trips (Not included in the registration fees):
1- Sharm elsheikh
2- Dahab
3- Elsokhna
4- Hurghada


Medical Students and postgraduates


Elective Program is available through the whole year. You can either choose any month throughout the year or choose one of our special programs.

The special programs are on specific time when we host our largest numbers of participants throughout the whole year. So, we can arrange special offers regarding the registration fees and the optional trips.

Winter Program:
A two-week course from February’s 15th to February’s 30th

Summer Program:
A four-week course from August’s 15th to September’s 15th

One student -->460 EUROs.
A group of 2 students --> 380 EUROs for each.
A group of 3 students --> 320 EUROs for each.

Fees are 350 EUROs.

Fees are 260 EUROs.

1) Tuition fees.
2) Accommodation.
3) Boarding “2 meals / day”.
4) Three trips (Port-said, Cairo and Alexandria Trips).
Please note that We also organize other trips (Sharm Elsheikh, Dahab, Elsokhna and Hurghada) but They are optional parts in the course and are paid by the student according to the program he/she desires.

The details of the Payment method and the bank account would be discussed with the participant upon getting the email of acceptance. Note that money should be transferred at least 1 month before the start of the program.


If you are interested in applying to our programs please fill out one of the following application forms:

Medical Elective Program Application form:

Winter Program Application form:

Summer Program Application form:

Note that Application form should be filled at least 2 months before the start of the program.

For more information, Do not hesitate to contact us or visit our Website:
Contact Information:
Ahmed ElBasha
Electives Coordinator 2018/2019
| Mobile: +201064993661
| Email :
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