6.932/15.377 LDV Business Student Survey
PLEASE COMPLETE BY END OF DAY Wednesday Feb 6th. Since this class requires project teams to do software engineering and business activities, we need at most a 2:1 ratio of business (non technical) and engineering. At the moment we are overweighted towards the Sloan side. We can handle this if about a half dozen Sloan students are willing to do the software development on their team. We may have to have a lottery for the business student slots so if you can program and are willing to do that, volunteer here and you will be sure to get a seat. Questions to Reed Sturtevant, reed@project11.com.
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If you cannot commit to code as the technical member of a team, please describe your request to enroll. Be sure to include a) what you would like to learn b) why your participation will make the class better for other students c) your goals relating to Linked Data and/or entrepreneurship after MIT d) are you 2nd year or 1st year
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