Otter Tail County Story Mapping: Ready-Set-Story Mapping Project Application
If you are interested in applying for this project, reach out to The official application deadlines have passed, but we are continuing to accept proposals on an as-they-come basis.

For questions, a sample budget, and more information, look at the Ready Set Story Mapping Project Information Page.
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Are you collaborating with anyone on this project? If yes, please list them here. If no, leave blank.
Did you attend a story mapping workshop? *
In which community/communities will your project be taking place? (Rural and unincorporated areas are welcome. *
Which topic are you focusing on? (This could be a broad topic like: Main Street/downtowns, churches, lakes, cabins, or more specific topics like Otter Tail County folklore, local crime blotter history, political history, immigrant and refugee history, gathering spaces, local residents/characters of note, local music, high school stories, sports, or anything you can think up!) Please use 10 words or less to name your topic. *
What is the intended outcome of your project? (Examples are: seek more information to catalog places; document places, events, or people; gather unknown history of physical locations; record stories from local residents.) This should be a one sentence answer. *
What will the product of your project be? *
In 2-3 sentences, please tell us how you intend to gather information and present your project.
Budget question #1 of 3: You will have a budget of $1000, which includes the cost of your time to create the project, materials required, and any other costs you might have. How much of the $1000 will you use towards paying for materials? Please answer in this format: $700; $250 *
Budget question #2 of 3: What amount of the funds will you need to pay for your time? Suggested value of your time working on this project is $15-20. *
Budget question #3 of 3: Will you be using funds for anything else? Appropriate uses could be mileage, payment for services like printing, or a collaborator's time. If yes, list it here. If no, leave blank.
Is there anything else you'd like to tell us about your project? If you have any photos, forms, or articles that would help to explain your project, please email them to
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