HyeWon Tutorial Feedback Survey
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1 = Strongly Disagree
5 = Strongly Agree
The subtitles helped me understand the tutorial.
The voice is easy to understand and is loud enough to hear.
The tips and strategies makes the task easier.
The video is clear with good quality.
The instructions are easy to understand.
The step by step instructions were easy to follow.
I could clearly see what is being done in the tutorial.
The tutorial was well organized.
Each step is explained well, using simple langauge.
The finished product is shown at the beginning.
The introduction is detailed with materials listed, a summary of the video and the name of the creator.
The video zoomed in to make it easy to see the details.
All resources used were Creative Commons and properly sited.
The tutorial stays on topic.
The langage used is appropriate for everyone.
What can the creator do to improve?
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