Google+ Community -> Tapatalk Migration
If you are a moderator / owner of a Google+ Community and you're interested in obtaining a preview of how your community will look in Tapatalk Groups, here is the form you can submit for a migration request.

Due to the volume of requests, we try our best to respond, in most cases you should receive a response from us within one business day.

There are three types of Google+ Community - 1) Public and Everyone Can Join. 2) Public but "Ask to Join" where membership is approved by the moderators before you can post. and 3) Totally private community.

In all cases, we need to be a member of your group before we can perform the data migration, if your community contains private posts, we need to be a moderator in your group. Therefore, make sure you have invited or added us ("") ( to your community, either as member or as moderator.

We do not need any of your backup files. We just need to be a moderator of your group to fully migrate your content over. Or a member of your group to migrate all public content.

Once it is migrated, you and your existing members who wish to continue with their existing identity, will need to sign up and login to Tapatalk using Google Sign In, so that our system can identify you as an existing member (as the post data only contains a non-PII Google ID).

The data we obtained does not provide any insight in who the owner is and who the moderators are. Therefore, in the form below we ask you to tell us.

If you have questions, you can post them here:

Alternatively you can also post it here:

Email address *
Your Google+ Community URL *
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Preferred short name of your new Tapatalk Groups *
You not need to create a new group, we will do during migration. If Only alphanumeric characters. It will be in form of<yourgroupname>.
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Your Tapatalk account username *
,We need your Tapatalk username to assign you as the owner of the migrated Tapatalk Group
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Did you invite or add "" to your community? *
Our Tapatalk Support Profile is at Our migration system need to be a member of your community before we can migrate.
Did you assign "" to be a moderator of your community? *
Our migration system need to be a moderator of your community to fully migrate all posts including private posts.
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