Global Role Case Study
You will be using the CIA World Factbook, among other resources, to research how a particular country is involved in international politics. Answer the following series of questions, and then analyze how the country
could potentially improve its international standing.

Possible Countries:
1. Afghanistan     2. Algeria     3. Australia     4. Bolivia     5. Brazil     6. China     7. Cuba     8. France     9. Georgia                 10. Ghana     11. India     12. Kenya     13. Malaysia     14. Mexico     15. North Korea     16. Russia     17. Sudan                    18. Turkey     19. Ukraine     20. United Kingdom     21. United States     22. Uzbekistan     23. Venezuela                                 24. Vietnam     25. Zimbabwe

CIA World Factbook:

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Part 1: Identify International Participation
Does the country participate in the Following Organizations or a signer of the following treaties? The first four should be found under government – International Organization Participation (CIA World Factbook),the rest will require independent research. Select which ever option explains the country’s status the best,provide explanation as needed.
International Criminal Court (ICC) *
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) *
The United Nations (UN) *
World Trade Organization (WTO) *
International Convention for the Regulation of Whaling *
Kyoto Protocol *
Paris Climate Agreement *
The Convention on the International Trade In Endangered Species (CITES) *
United Nations Convention on the Law of the Seas (UNCLOS) *
Part 2: Explain Role in Global Issues
Answer the following series of questions about your country using the CIA World Factbook(Transnational Issues section)
a. What types of international Disputes (if any) is this country currently involved in. Explain the dispute, focusing with whom it is with, and the reason for the dispute *
b. What role (if any) does this country play in in the illicit drug trade? *
c. How many (if any) Internally Displace People (IDP) do they have, and why? *
d. How many (if any) Refugees does this country host? And from where? *
e. Does this country have any issues with internal human trafficking? If so explain what issues the country is having *
f. Does this country have any issues with international human trafficking? If so explain how the country is involved. *
Part 3: Thought Question
What is the best thing that this country could do to improve its standing in the world community? Make a clear assertion with the best method for this particular country, explain your reasoning and provide relevant facts or statistics to support your reasoning.
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