Application to train and work as a Monitor on Superweeks with The ATE Trust
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Please read the following notes about applying:
 Applicants must be at least 17 years old by April 2019.
 The training course is fully residential. No-one can be accepted for less than the full week, Saturday 13th April - Saturday 20th April 2019.
 Applicants must be available to work on a summer Superweek in 2019. The dates are: 26th July - 2nd August or 3rd - 10th August or 12th - 19th August or 20th - 27th August 2019.
 We do ask for a contribution of £180 towards board and lodging and you will need to pay for your own travel to the course. In the cases of financial hardship a full or part subsidy (incl. travel expenses) may be available — please email if this applies to you. Please note that when you work as a Monitor on any Superweek your board and lodgings will be covered by ATE and travel expenses refunded.
 At the bottom of this form we'll ask you for details of a teacher / tutor / or similar who has known you well for 2 years, and we will contact them to confirm A) that you are suitable to work closely with children in a residential setting, and B) that he/she knows of nothing at all which might make you a risk to children.
 We strongly advise that if you attended Superweeks as a child, you have not done so in the last 12 months.
 ATE reserves the right to not allow trainees to work on Superweeks if, after the course, we feel they are not suitable for the work involved.
 If you are travelling from overseas, we won't be able to pay for your travel to England for future Superweeks, but will pay for travel from point of entry.
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What happens next:
We'll email you to confirm receipt of your application. If your application is successful (we’ll let you know just after the deadline) we’ll tell you all you need to know (and ask you for a £50 deposit). Please don’t send money now. We just need your application.
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