How can we improve?
A client survey to let us know where we can improve?
Please note ALL answers are anonymous. We can not see, and will not ask for your email from this data collection.
(Be honest, be brutal - we can only improve when we are aware of any issues)
The booking process
Which clinic do you attend the most often?
Which contact methods do you use to book your appointment?
How do you rate the efficiency of the booking process
Very Poor
The clinics
This refers to both the Antibes and Beausoleil/Monaco locations
How clean and professional are the clinics and the facilities (loo/signage/ect)
Very Poor
Tell us what we could do better
Your answer
How do you rate our communications (email)
Not relevant
Just Perfect
Are you aware that we offer the following in our clinics? A = Antibes B = Beausoleil Tick those that apply.
Your treatment session
Do you feel you have enough time to explain relevant and important things to your osteopath before they treat you?
Do you leave your session feeling we have understood you, your pain, and the history of the pain
Were you given a clear explanation of the cause of your problem, that you understood
Not clear
Yes, very clear
Follow up
After your session would you like a follow up email or phone call?
What 3 things could we do to improve our service?
Write them here *
Your answer
What 3 things are we doing well?
If we know, then we can ensure we keep on doing it!
Write them here
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Would you recommend us to friends, colleagues and family
If yes, thank you, and what can we do to make it easier for you to do this?. And if not, why?
Yes? or No?
Your answer
Could you give us a "Quote" we could use in our marketing?
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Promotions and Offers
We take protecting your private data very seriously, indeed we spend over 1000€ a year on storing it in secure servers, and have done since 2002 ...Way before we were legally obliged to.
Are you interested in being offered any of the following in a clinic promotion?
Thanks so much, this is totally anonymous and we appreciate your time spent filling this in. Please press the SUBMIT button and you are free to go...
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