Venoty YouTube Bounty Campaign
Budget 200.000 Venoty representing 20% of the budget

Original YouTube video about Venoty based on quality:
Poor/low: 100 VNT - may be denied
Good: 220 VNT
Great: 1100 VNT
Extraordinary: 2200 VNT
Quality is based on number of views, comments and comment content, graphical design, information contained, number of errors, and overall content.
To be extraordinary: Video must have 0 errors, must be 3:30 minutes long, get at least 300 unique views, you must have at least 30 followers OR get 30 unique comments, must be of professional grade quality.


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You must sign up to here in order to eligible
Video must be at least 3:30 minutes long, original with perspective or constructive feedback, and not read off white paper.
Any speech must be a real person - no computerized voiceovers.
Video must have an English transcript.
Poor/Low quality work may be denied.
Once submitted, you agree to give all publishing and intellectual rights of video freely over to Venoty.
Plagiarizing others work will disqualify you.
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Links in description:
Maximum 1 submission, make it count.

Submission Instructions:
Before publishing the video please contact us at!

** The coins will be delivered to the owners at the end of the ICO campaign to prevent mining before the official release.
If you have any questions please contact us at

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