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Beginning Summer 2016, Barnard IMATS will begin using a new, more efficient checkout system for our equipment room. If you are a Barnard/Columbia student, faculty, or staff and would like to reserve equipment from IMATS, please completely fill out the registration form below, noting the statement accepting financial responsibility for loss, damage or late return of the College’s equipment which requires an acknowledgement and acceptance of its terms. Any incomplete registration forms will not be accepted. If you have any questions, regarding our hours and policies, please contact us at or visit our website at
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e.g. May 2018 (if you are not a student, just write "N/A")
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IMPORTANT*: This is different from UNI but does still apply to Barnard faculty/employees. For Barnard students and employees it is a 7-digit number that you can find here: For Columbia students it is a 9-digit number, which is always preceded by the letter C, that you can find in SSOL > "Academic Profile" > "Show my name and personal data."  If you cannot find your ID number or if you are a Columbia faculty/employee, please write "N/A," but be aware that we cannot lend out equipment to you until we have your ID number.
ID Card Number/Barcode *
This is the 9-digit number printed on the back of your ID card. If you cannot find your ID Card Number, please write "N/A" and bring your identification to the IMATS window.
Are you in a Barnard film, podcasting, or art/art history class? Please put the class number. *
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Acceptance of Responsibility *
I agree to accept full financial responsibility for each item of IMATS equipment, including accessories,  each time I check out from IMATS.  I agree to exercise care when handling all IMATS equipment.  I  agree to return all equipment borrowed from IMATS by the agreed upon date and in the same  condition as received.  I agree that late returns of IMATS equipment will be subject to fines payable to  the College.  I agree to pay the College for any and all repairs, damages or loss of the equipment, up  through and including full replacement costs, as indicated by the sole assessment of IMATS, upon return of the equipment.
Please write your e-signature in the box below to accept and agree with the terms in the above paragraph. *
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