Morris Tour Auckland 2018 application
Here you can apply to be part of the NZ Morris Tour. Please bring all your bedding/sleeping bag as we only get the mattress. Also please deposit $50 to the tour account 06 0501 0818556 00 and include your name in the details so I can identify you. Overseas visitors can pay full cost on arrival but please ensure you register and turn up. Also if you can't bring bedding on your holiday tell us.
If all goes wrong tell me at email
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Male or Female?
Which Morris side
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Are you a
Sleeping in? (bring the camper but no powered sites)
Are you under 25 and claiming the 50% discount?
Do you any dietary requirements?
We sleep in bunk rooms. Do you want to mix with other sides or stay in your group?
Are you part of a family group? Name and number in group please.
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If you are not on tour Saturday to Friday tell us which days you are.
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If you are staying offsite the site usage cost will be reduced by one third. We will reduce the total tour cost by $47. Is that you?
Do you have a Gold card for free public transport?
We will be filming a documentary of the Morris Tour. Are you happy that your image will be used for this purpose? *
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