Africa Open Science and Hardware Summit 2019 Application Form
Africa Open Science and Hardware (Africa OSH) Summit is a grassroots effort to bring together researchers, technologists, hacker hobbyists, educators, government officials, and start-up innovators around the world.

Our goal is to create a conversation and set of actions on OSH, among African actors, and between them and the international community, in order to adopt OSH principles and practices appropriate to our context. This alternative path to education, research, scholarly communication and manufacturing is crucial given the barriers imposed by closed knowledge systems and the traditional Intellectual Property (IP) regime.

Ultimately OSH aims to achieve an ecosystem for innovation that is locally adapted, culturally relevant, technologically feasible, economically viable, and environmentally sustainable

The Africa OSH Summit 2019 plans to host about 200 participants from across Africa and the rest of the world for 4 days in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Running from 10th - 13th April, 2019, Africa OSH Summit will include:
1) Discussions to create the vision, mission, goals, structure and activities for timely and successful implementation of the Global Open Science and Hardware Roadmap for Africa by 2025
2) Workshops on making, hacking and DIYBio for a wide range of stakeholders to experience the process of design, co-creation, problem solving and to contribute ideas to OSH development
3) Unconference sessions by networks, startups, and innovators from Africa and the Global South

By partaking in Africa OSH you will be at the forefront of promoting sustainable change in Africa, by enabling Africans to solve our own problems. This has tremendous implications for the future outlook of the continent.

APPLICATIONS ARE REVIEWED ON A ROLLING BASIS. We will close applications by 15 February, and finalize participant selection at the end of February.

Logistics, travel and accommodation arrangement will be communicated to applicants upon acceptance.

Tanzania provides Visa-on-Arrival for visitors from certain countries. Please see this page ( or this page ( . Scroll down for details on other countries). Non-African passport holders should indicate their need for a visa.

Visit or send us an email at with further inquiries.

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