Self-Driving Cars
Let's explore the Self-Driving Cars revolution!
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Watch the video in the link.  Who are the major countries and companies involved with self-driving cars? *
After watching the video above, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of Self-Driving Cars? (List 5 for each) *
After watching the video above, how will Self-Driving Cars change the future of things like Driving Tests?  Home Delivery?  Take Away MacDonalds?  Taxis?  Trucks delivering goods? (100-300 words) *
Consider the impact of electric cars, hyrdorgen cars and self-driving cars.  How will this affect the environment - positively and negatively?  How will this affect the industry and the way we engage with transport in a global sense?  Discuss.  (100 words). *
Extension Activity.  How will Self-Driving Cars change the transport industry, and how will this affect the planet? (100-400 words) *
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