QCEI 2020 Delegate Application
Thank you for your interest in joining the Queen's Conference on the Entertainment Industry. And now, the moment you have all been waiting for - drum roll please - we are happy to introduce to you, QCEI 2020: Spotlight.

The spotlight, whether it be an illuminating light or a focal of attention, is deeply embedded into the culture of entertainment. In a time of constant connection and access to media, the spotlight has evolved from a single beam of light on a performer to widespread exposure and scrutiny on the world stage. With this platform comes power and global attention, giving firms and entertainers a medium to share their views and enable change. The question becomes: once you have the spotlight, what will you do with it?

Please fill out the delegate application below and complete by 11:59pm on Sunday, December 1st, 2019. If accepted as a delegate, you will receive an acceptance email and link to pay a delegate fee, which will cover all meals, transportation, and more during the conference, running from January 30th to February 1st, 2020. The conference is held in Kingston Ontario, at Queen's University.

Moving away from a hotel this year, our delegate fee will be much lower than previously promoted in the past. That being said, if you are an external delegate and require hotel accommodation, we are happy to provide. The hotel fee will be included in an alternative delegate fee!

For more information about QCEI, please visit qcei.ca, our Facebook page: “Queen’s Conference on the Entertainment Industry - QCEI” or email our Delegates Coordinators Tyson Kash and Emily Nolfi at qceidelegates@gmail.com.
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The theme for QCEI 2020 is “Spotlight”. Given the dynamic nature of the entertainment industry, tell us about a company that has been able to maintain the Spotlight throughout the many changes in the industry. These could include technological innovations, shifts in consumer preferences, global expansion etc. (150-200 words max.) *
Choose any type of medium (rap, song, video, graphic, etc.) to create a masterpiece that showcases why you want to attend QCEI 2020? Should any files be required in your submission, please link below. *
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