Design and Modeling
Directions: Rate yourself in each of the posted areas. Take your time and try to seriously evaluate your ability in each area. You will be assessed on your effort to self evaluate and be honest. This assessment will assist you and me establish learning goals and determine growth.

Rating Scale

1-I don’t understand the skill.
2-I understand the skill but I can’t use it.
3-I understand the skill and can practice it, but I am not improving.
4-I understand the skill and with practice I am improving.
5-I can understand it well enough I can teach this skill to another student. I can do this skill on my own with no help from the teacher.

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First Name
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I can explain what engineers do as a profession and provide examples of engineering jobs.
I can apply the design process to solve problems.
I can measure items correctly and document the measurements using correct forms.
I can build physical representations and models.
I can create a digital drawing using simple shapes using digital, design, software.
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