L2D Staff App
Before applying, be sure to read https://wiki.minecraftleft2die.com/index.php/Staff#Applying_for_Staff

This app does not guarantee that you will become staff. You will not get a reply to your app unless you are selected. This can be days, weeks, or months down the line as L2D is not always actively adding staff. As such, DO NOT ASK ABOUT THE STATUS OF YOUR APP. Failure to follow this one simple instruction may result in the outright rejection of your app.
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Previous Names
List any other name you have used for minecraft, including alternate accounts.
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Don't lie just because of what the wiki page says. Those are more "guidelines" than actual set in stone rules.
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How would you rate your maturity level? *
Be honest. We will compare how you view yourself with how we view your chat behaviour.
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We do not accept applications for Moderator positions. Except in rare exceptions, all Mods start out as Chat Mods.
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