2019. Domestic Trainee Survey. San Antonio, Texas.
The Sleep Research Society (Trainee Education Advisory - TEAC) has a fantastic networking opportunity for you. SRS Trainees are invited to participate in the Trainee ID (International and Domestic) Match Program, a networking opportunity where international and domestic trainees will be matched based on research interests. Trainee pairs or trios will be encouraged to meet during SRS Trainee Series at SLEEP 2019.
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1. CONTACT INFORMATION. Name, degree and Institution.
2. LANGUAGE. Please indicate if you speak any language other than English. We will use this information to select your match. You can answer none if applicable.
3. ACADEMIC INFORMATION. Please indicate your academic position.
4. RESEARCH AREA. Please indicate your research area. This information will be used to select your match.
5. PAST SLEEP CONFERENCES ATTENDANCE. Have you attended a SLEEP Conference before? (We will use this information to select your match).
6. SLEEP 2019. Will you attend the SLEEP 2019 in San Antonio, Texas, June 8th-12th?
7. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. As a Domestic Trainee, my goals while participating in the SRS Trainee opportunities (i.e., Leadership workshop, Trainee Symposia Series, Trainee Development Suite) are: (please select all that apply)
8. TRAINEE ID MATCH PROGRAM. Have you participated in the Trainee ID Match? We will use this information to select your match.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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