Shift-Change Agreement Web Form
As described in the Employee Handbook, employees may be relieved of the responsibility for working a scheduled shift provided that they arrange for coverage for that shift with a coworker.

Shift-changes agreements require approval and may only be made with other employees who are trained to work with the consumer with whom the shift is scheduled.

Both the person giving up the shift and the person accepting responsibility for the shift MUST fill out their portion of this agreement before it will be approved. Please do not submit this agreement unless you have already identified an employee who has confirmed that they will submit their portion of this agreement and will work the shift.

Once both parties have submitted their portion of this agreement, you may expect that the shift-change agreement will be approved within 3 business days. You will receive approval notice via email. Should you not receive confirmation within 3 days, please email

*Please note that if you are looking to give up multiple shifts, you will need to submit this form for each shift that you are looking to give up.
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