Meridian Baptist Registration Form
In an attempt to maintain attendance at 50% or less according to State Guidelines we respectfully request that those planning to attend worship services, register in advance!
Also, we have been informed that we are not insured in the event of someone being infected with Covid-19 in our facilities. To protect the church from liability, we are requesting that by registering to attend Meridian Baptist Church Services, you are agreeing to abide by the Worship Guidelines to prevent the possibly infection of anyone attending! Guidelines are listed below!
(If you are not willing to register and abide by the Worship Guidelines, we respectfully request that you view services on Facebook until precautions are removed.)

Worship Guidelines!
(These Guidelines are temporary and will be removed when it is deemed safe for church members and attendees!)
1. Sanctuary Access Through Foyer Only! (Elevator is closed to public usage)
2. Masks Required By All Worshipers!
3. Six feet Of Physical Distancing At All Times!
4. No Nursery Provided!
5. Please Sit In Designated Areas Only! (Do not sit on a blue X or Restricted Pews)
6. Those Running A Fever, Coughing, Sneezing, Presenting Other Symptoms or if you
have been exposed to a person with Covid-19, Please Do Not Enter!
7. Individuals With Pre-Existent Conditions Enter At Their Own Risk! (Heart Issues,
Compromised Immune Systems, Respiratory Issues, COPD, etc.)
8. Bathroom Facilities Available On This Floor Only!
9. Offering Plates Are Provided At The Communion Table & At Exits At The Close Of
10. No Physical Greetings! Just Wave!
11. Access Is Closed To The Educational Wings!
12. All Emergency Exits Are Open, But We Request That You Exit Through The Foyer
Of The Church and Please Maintain Physical Distancing!
13. Group Gatherings, Other Than Sunday AM & Wednesday Worship Are Cancelled!
14. Act As Though Others Are Infected & You Are Possibly Infectious As Well!
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Which Sunday(s) are you planning on attending? *
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