Spiritual Mentoring One-on-One Questionnaire
This form is to determine your spiritual needs for one-on-one mentoring. Further this form is to establish if a therapeutic relationship with Team Taylor Ministries is appropriate for you and Team Taylor Ministries. Please complete this form to the best of your ability. If some answers are not applicable at the time, please indicate this.

Further this form serves as an official contract between you and Team Taylor Ministries, along with their affiliates and partners, to provide spiritual services. By completing this form with your digital signature, you agree to the terms as follows:

Team Taylor Ministries is a Christian faith-based organization with strong religious beliefs and values. While we will not force our beliefs and values on clients, we do use biblical principles as a part of our therapeutic process to assist with client progress. There are certain areas we are do not specialize in and with informed consent will refer you a provider that will best benefit you for success.

This form is to provide Team Taylor Ministries (Ronald and Chara Taylor) with pertinent information to help assist you in your spiritual journey. Please complete the form to the best of your knowledge. If you have any questions, please make sure to ask at any time.

Please understand that the information collected on this form and in every coaching session is confidential. Chara A Taylor Ministries, Sound Doctrine, Ronald Taylor Ministries, & Awaken Love are ministries under Team Taylor Ministries (Ronald & Chara Taylor). Bishop Ronald Taylor and Pastor Chara Taylor are licensed and ordained pastors who have been mentoring and coaching in the areas of spiritual growth, life growth, and marriage since 2007.

Client’s Right
Every person is assured of confidentiality.
There are, however, important exceptions to confidentiality that are legally mandated. These exceptions include: (1) that Team Taylor Ministries, affiliates, partners, will notify relevant others if we believe that a client has an intention to cause harm to another individual or them self; (2) that Team Taylor Ministries report any incidence of suspected abuse, neglect or molestation of minors or the elderly; (3) that Team Taylor Ministries release our records to the court if subpoenaed; (4) that Team Taylor Ministries have consent from both spouses before any information is released at the request of either spouse and/or their respective attorney.

Counseling & Coaching Information and Disclaimer Counseling & Coaching Disclaimer
Team Taylor Ministries requires that this Disclaimer be read and signed by all parties receiving coaching prior to the first coaching session. 1. Team Taylor Ministries Coaches & affiliates and partners are not licensed therapists or counselors. 2.  Team Taylor Ministries is a couple-to-couple relationship, with an emphasis on information about God’s Plan for Marriage, Family, Spiritual Life. 3. All discussions that take place during any counsel or coaching sessions (virtual and in person) will be held in the strictest of confidence. 4. Any staff member, affiliate, partner who serves as your coach(es), or Team Taylor Ministries cannot be held responsible in any way for any decision a person makes as a result of the coaching he or she has received. 5. Team Taylor Ministries Coaching Coaches employed by Awaken Love & Team Taylor Ministries (Ronald & Chara Taylor), Word & Faith Church cannot be held liable in any way for any of the results of any coaching received or any decisions made, or any actions taken by any client as a result of these decisions.

Please visit the website and choose which package or option will work best for you. Payment plans are available.
For Pastor Chara Taylor click here: https://teamtaylorministries.com/pastor-chara-a_-taylor 
For Bishop Ronald Taylor Jr. click here: https://teamtaylorministries.com/bishop-ronald-taylor-jr_
For Marriage or Pre-marriage click here: https://teamtaylorministries.com/awaken-love-marriage-coaching

Coaching Service Fees:
All sessions are 60 minutes. If you run beyond your 60 minutes, you will be subject to an additional fee and your session moves to hourly.

Mentorship with Bishop Ronald Taylor - $100 per month
Mentorship with Pastor Chara Taylor - $80 per month
Pre-Marriage Counseling - $75 per hour
Marriage Counseling - $75 per hour
Grief Counseling - $40 per session
Financial Stewardship Coaching - $40 per session

You are invoiced based on terms and agreement of service - 3 months service, 6 months service, 9 months, 12 months service, Monthly service, or as needed service.

All service fees must be paid for in advance or at the time of service. Methods of payments accepted include Zelle, PayPal, CashApp, or  Givelify. Personal checks or money orders are not accepted. We currently do not accept medical or behavorial insurance payments. Once you receive your invoice, you can use pay directly from the invoice or use one of the following methods of payment:

Zelle email: teamtaylorministries@gmail.com
PayPal: https://www.paypal.me/charataylor 
CashApp: $TeamTaylorMinistries
Givelify: https://giv.li/xqvl2i

Cancellation Policy:
In the event a session needs to be rescheduled, please reschedule within 24 hours prior to the scheduled service time. Unless otherwise agreed upon, all sessions cancelled 2 hours or less before the scheduled time will be charged the session fee. Cancellations may be made via email or phone call.

All sessions fees are final. There are no refunds for the services provided.

Team Taylor Ministries reserves the right to refuse service in areas we are unskilled, areas that would make the coach-client relationship least effective, area that would make the relationship not a great fit.

Multicultural / Diversity Awareness:
Team Taylor Ministries does not judge or discriminate. We provide services to all races, ages, cultures,

By typing your names in the space below, this will serve as your electronic signature for this form. Your signature is an acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agree to this disclaimer. Your electronic signatures also indicate that you are making a voluntary, informed choice to enter a coaching relationship with Marriage Missionaries and its appointed staff, and you have read and agree with the contents of this form.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at teamtaylorministries@gmail.com
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Do you understand that confidentiality is our highest priority, however there are limitations to this confidentiality. Do you understand that we must release records if:  we believe that a client has an intention to cause harm to another individual or them self; (2) if suspected abuse, neglect or molestation of minors or the elderly; (3) court subpoenaed; (4) Team Taylor Ministries have consent from both spouses before any information is released at the request of either spouse and/or their respective attorney *
Do you understand that the services provided to you are not free and payment is required before sessions? Do you understand the available methods of payment for services? *
Do you understand our session cancellation policy. You have the right to cancel or reschedule a session at any time. However, all sessions that are cancelled within 2 hours of scheduled session time are still charged. All no call no shows for scheduled sessions are still charged. *
Do you understand that Team Taylor does not specialize in all areas of coaching and with your consent, Team Taylor, will refer you to a different provider that specializes in the specific area of your need to ensure that you receive effective care? *
Do you understand that the coach-client relationship is one that is ongoing with in the best interest of the client. Should a breach in the coach-client relationship occur, the relationship can be terminated by you the client, or the coach can refer you to a different provider for safety measures. *
Do you attest and consent that everything on this form is accurate to the best of your knowledge? *
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