Indiana Healthcare and Public Health Provider Open Letter regarding Reproductive Rights
Thank you for considering signing our letter to Indiana lawmakers regarding Reproductive Rights.

Here is the text of the letter:

As Hoosier healthcare and public health practitioners, we write this letter to implore lawmakers in Indiana to ensure that we can continue to provide access to safe and legal abortion services without fear of criminalization for ourselves or our patients. Our patients—your constituents—deserve access to the full scope of reproductive health care, including abortion.

Pregnancy is a life-altering event. For many it is a joyous revelation- for others it poses medical, social, and financial risks. We see this firsthand. We see the individual with heart failure whose pregnancy puts their life at risk. We see the individual who is pregnant as a result of sexual assault. We see the pregnant individual with cancer who needs chemotherapy. We see the individual pregnant with a fetus just found to have a brain that never developed or a genetic disorder that leaves them incapable of survival.  We see the pregnant individual whose life circumstances are such that pregnancy puts their future at risk. Everyone has different and personal circumstances around pregnancy and family planning.

Indiana has one of the highest maternal mortality rates in the country. No single explanation can account for why pregnant Hoosiers are more likely to die during or soon after pregnancy than elsewhere in the United States. However, if access to abortion is further limited in our state, we know that many more deaths will result from pregnancy or pregnancy-associated conditions. It will be difficult for physicians facing criminal penalties or the threat of losing their medical licenses to make urgent clinical decisions in the best interest of their patients.

We understand that there are widely held views regarding abortion, and that consensus on this issue is not possible.  Given this fact, it seems unreasonable to pass laws that force one group’s moral views on everyone; especially when experts agree it will put people at risk and increase an already high maternal mortality rate in the Hoosier state.

Our medical and ethical responsibility requires that we advise patients about safe and evidence-based medical decisions, including abortion. We call on Governor Holcomb, the Indiana Legislature, and all elected and appointed government officials, to leave medical decision-making to individuals and their healthcare practitioners.

Protecting reproductive autonomy protects patients. The lives of Hoosiers depend on it.

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