English 450 Final Exam
This exam will be about the first three chapters of Brave New World. Read each question carefully and select the best answer. Good Luck!

Standards Addressed:
RI.1.A / RL.1.A Citing Textual Evidence RI.1.D / RL.1.D - Theme/Central Idea
RI.1.B / RL.1.B - Vocabulary in Context RI.2.A / RL.2.A - Author’s Choice

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Reading Comprehension
Choose the best answer for each multiple-choice question; each is worth 1 point.
1. What is the World State’s motto in Brave New World? *
1 point
2. What happens in the Predestination room? *
1 point
3. What is the reason that people stay in their selected social caste? *
1 point
4. How does the society use hypnopaedia? *
1 point
5. Why are terms like "family" and "parent" considered to be inappropriate? *
1 point
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