Odetta BioMed Application Form
Are you interested in working from home with flexible hours? Are you motivated and willing to learn? Do you consider yourself nearly fluent in English? Do you have a background in bio informatics, biology, or genetics?

Do you want to be part of our pilot project where we provide you with data annotation work that you can complete based on your availability and our clients deadlines?

- English fluency
- Masters degree or currently enrolled in Masters program in bio-informatics or biology (PhD is a plus)
- Strong enough background in biology
- Eligible if you are working remotely from Middle East & South Asia
- Available to contribute time to meet deadlines (small hourly commitment at first that can be completed in addition to your other jobs/studies)
- Computer access (stable internet) with google drive
- Meticulous and attention to detail
- Willingness to learn and a growth mindset

If you sign up for any of the above, we will then be sending a skills test, then scheduling interviews, and for those selected, we will send more info and add you to our whatsapp community.

All of our work comes directly from U.S. Companies
We offer fair competitive pay through Payoneer

**We are learning so some of the above may change.

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