iLearn Usage / Google Apps for Education Assessment
After you have concluded iLearn training from the classroom and have reviewed Google Docs and Google Slides training via the recommended websites you are ready to take the quiz to register your device below.
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3. Select your Advisory Teacher *
4. No cell phones, iPods, and gaming devices will be allowed before school, during lunch, or in the classroom. *
5. iLearn will help me recognize the responsibility that goes along with the use of technology, internet searches, and communicating through electronic means. *
6. HMS is responsible for loss, theft, or damage of any kind to a student's device. *
7. All registered devices must be powered down (off) unless a teacher gives you permission to use it in their classroom. *
8. All unregistered devices must be powered down and stored in your locker at all times. *
9. Students may charge devices while in classroom with teacher permission. *
10. It is okay to share personal information electronically. *
11. Everyone has the right NOT to be cyberbullied. *
12. When conducting cyber smart research you should utilize popular search engines that index information, like Google. *
13. HMS expects the same standards of behavior online as you would behave in face-to-face situations. *
14. I can use my device without permission from a teacher at any time while at school. *
15. Violations of any School Board policies, administrative procedures, or school rules involving a student’s personally owned device would result in the loss of use of the device in school and/or disciplinary action. *
16. Students may NOT use any devices to record, transmit, take or post photos, video, text, or access social media on school property. Nor can any media be recorded at school be transmitted or posted at any time without the express permission of a teacher or administrator. *
17. Students are allowed to utilize "outside" access to wireless data (3G/4G etc.). *
18. Students MUST have and wear their ID with their registration sticker at all times when utilizing their wireless device. *
19. Students may choose to share their device, but the owner is responsible for the content or information that is accessed. *
20. Your Google Apps for Education Login will look simular to the following *
Choose which login will look most simular to yours
21. Students are allowed to access social media at school (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat etc.) at lunch or before school. *
22. My Google Apps for Ed. Account will grant me access to the following *
23. Students are allowed to text during lunch or in the plaza before school. *
24. I can only use my email account for school related business and will not be able to email anyone outside of school. *
25. I am allowed to carry an unregistered device with me during the school day. *
26. Please indicate your comfort level in using Google Apps for Ed *
Not Very Comfortable
Very Comfortable
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