Research about vampiric/vampire abilities and eyes.
This research studies what are vampires abilities, are our eyes distinctive and what differences vampires from humans. This test is meant only for vampires.So more answers vampire community give to this research, the more info will be to work with and more reliable results shall be. This research can help to make a scientific discovery about our nation and give some proof to the entire world about us. Dont be shy, join us! Thank you for all who will participate, you have helped us with a little step closer for understanding vampires nature and to give proof that world wants and needs of us.
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What kind of vampire are you?
Body temperature test
Measure your body temperature under armpit in normal conditions and write it in the other box.
Memory test
Please try to recall, from what age comes your earliest memory. Approximately in what age where you?
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What is your eye color, choose from below
If you cant descide, look at the chart
Eye color chart
Limbal ring test
A limbal ring is a dark ring around the iris of the eye. It is a dark-colored manifestation of the corneal limbus resulting from optical properties of the region.Some see it in their eyes in direct light, some in shadows. Do you have a "darker ring" like in photos?
Dark ring in dark colored eye
Dark ring in light colored eye
Blood pressure test
Measure your blood pressure, if you dont have the machine to measure it, write aproximately what was your latest blood pressure in the other box.
Arcus ring test
It is also called arcus adiposus, arcus juvenilis (when it occurs in younger individuals), arcus lipoides corneae or arcus cornealis; sometimes a gerontoxon.Arcus senilis (or arcus senilis corneae) is a white, gray, or blue opaque ring in the corneal margin (peripheral corneal opacity), or white ring in front of the periphery of the iris. It is present at birth, but then fades; however, it is quite commonly present in the elderly. It can also appear earlier in life. Here are 2 pictures to you to help you determin do you have it or not.
Arcus ring picture
Arcus ring picture second
Telepathy test
I will think about a certain symbol every day until this test ends.Try with every power you have to connect with me and recieve this symbol from my mind. Quess what is this symbol, the shape and the color and if you can the true meaning of it.
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Heterochromia tet
Heterochromia of the eye (heterochromia iridis or heterochromia iridum; the common incorrect form "heterochromia iridium" is not correct Latin) is of two kinds. In complete heterochromia, one iris is a different color from the other. Look at pictures to descide.
Partly heterochromia
One eye different from other, heterochromia
Do you have central heterochromia (a yellow or other colored ring) around your pupil?
Coose yes, if you have yellow ring, if you have other kind of colored ring write the color in other box. Look at the pictures to descide.
Heterocromia iris
Heterocromia iris
Psychic test guess what`s on the picture under this question, covered with black paint
Under all this black color is a picture, try to guess what it is, describe the colors, emotions, shapes etc that you can sence from it.
Your answer
Guess what is on the pic
Flexibility test (3 pictures below)
Most of the humans loose their flexibility by age. Vampires other hand are believed to keep their flexibility until death.
Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Color spectum test
Our powers of color vision derive from cells in our eyes called cones, three types in all, each triggered by different wavelengths of light. Living among us are vampires with four cones, who might experience a range of colors invisible to the rest. It’s possible this tetrachromatic vision makes us see a hundred million colors, with each familiar hue fracturing into a hundred more subtle shades for which there are no names, no paint swatches. Most of vampire women and few men has total of four separate cones in their eyes making them see lot of spectrums, although some has only three like normal humans have. Here is a color spectrum test that helps to understand you what I mean. Lowest the results the better.Write your score in to the answer box. The site you need to go to make this test:
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Contrast test (picture below)
Also having a better ability to distinguish different colors helps us to see better in dark. This is called contrast test and it works with ability to see in slightest light. Most of the vampires see these letter until the last but one or until the end. For taking this test switch off all lights and move away 1-2 meters from your screen. Write till what row do you see the letters.
Contrast test
Hearing test low frequenzes(video below) WARNING! If you have had epilepsia or unexplained seizures skip this test!
Set your volume to regular settings, as if you were watching any YouTube movie. Watch Hearing Test and listen very carefully using headphones. This time we are concentrating on very low frequencies from 2 Hertz to 25 Hertz. At normal volumes, most of those frequencies are not audible so do not be surprised when you hear nothing for a long time. If it happens that you go through the whole test without hearing anything, try to increase volume and try it one more time. You should notice very faint sounds that are becoming more and more audible. The outcome of this test depends very much whether you use headphones or speakers. Only very good quality headphones capable of reproducing low frequencies should be tried, and very good subwoofers as well. There are many variables outside of our control; therefore, the results are not going to be a 100% accurate. Write your highest and lowest levels that you can hear.
Your answer
Hearing test low frequenzes video
Hearing test diferent frequenzes(video below) WARNING! If you have had epilepsia or unexplained seizures skip this test!
Set your volume to regular settings, as if you were watching any YouTube movie. Watch Hearing Test and listen very carefully using headphones. The video displays audio frequencies that are being played. You can determine what you can or what you cannot hear. Typically, depending on age, humans audible frequencies will be between 20-30 Hertz on the low side of the audio spectrum, and 10-16 kiloHertz on the high side of the audio spectrum. There are individuals, however, who can can hear the whole spectrum between 16 Hz (Hertz) and 20 kHz (kiloHertz) Write your highest and lowest hearing levels, that you could hear in video.
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Hearing test different frequenzes video
If you want to get the final conclusion of the all results after the research has ended, enter your e-mail below.
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