People First Popcorn Fundraiser
Thank you for supporting People First of St. Joseph! Payments are due by January 4.
To find out more about People First, visit
Each bag of popcorn is 12 x 20 inches! The popcorn is grown and popped fresh, northwest of King City, MO (
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Please enter how many bags of each flavor you would like to order.
Butter ($12 per bag)
Kettle ($12 per bag)
Cheddar ($12 per bag)
White Cheddar ($12 per bag)
Jalapeno Cheesy ($12 per bag)
Peanut Butter and Jelly ($12 per bag)
Cheesy Sour Cream and Onion ($12 per bag)
Cheese Pizza ($12 per bag)
Frosted Cinnamon Roll ($12 per bag)
Dill Pickle ($12 per bag)
Pumpkin Spice ($12 per bag)
Cheesy Buffalo Wing ($12 per bag)
Honey Sriracha ($12 per bag)
Steak ($12 per bag)
Caramel Glaze ($25 per bag)
Milk Chocolate ($25 per bag)
White Chocolate ($25 per bag)
Cookies and Cream ($25 per bag)
Chocolate Brownie ($25 per bag)
Dark Chocolate ($25 per bag)
Chocolate Peanut Butter ($25 per bag)
Chocolate Peppermint ($25 per bag)
Birthday Cake ($25 per bag)
Strawberry Cake ($25 per bag)
Click on "Submit" to complete your order form. Payments are due by January 4. Thank you!
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