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PhiRemoval technique has captured the markets of all countries and has become one of the most popular unwanted pigment removal procedures. The popularity of this technique derives from two key features that make this technique unique: SAFETY and EFFICIENCY.

Everybody who is doing permanent makeup, microblading, or eventually tattooing should know that if you know how to inject a pigment, you must know how to remove it as well. Our clients are not always happy with ‘wearing’ the old, evolution affected and under no conditions fading pigment. There are lots of reasons why these people want to get rid of this pigment:
– Poor quality PMU or microblading
– Changing fashion in eyebrow, eyeliner, and lip shapes
– Migration of a pigment
– Adverse pigment evolution in the skin
– Pigment residues after other procedures.

During training a student will learn how to use two absolutely different products: PhiRemoval Light and Enzyme Power, to remove an unwanted pigment. Students will be pleasantly surprised by the variety and opportunities offered by these techniques. The procedure may be performed by a machine or manually. These techniques allow for safe work on both face and body areas.

This is training with 6-month CraftMaster supervision.

Basic training introduces the theoretical PhiRemoval material and the possibilities offered by this technique. Great attention is paid to skin histology and healing control.

CraftMaster consists of 23 themes and contains a lot of videos on how to perform procedures with different indications. The Master who conducts the training provides online consultation, replies to all questions of a student and advises on procedures. There are 9 levels for a student to pass PhiRemoval Artist certification. The PhiAcademy puts a graduate of training on its PhiAcademy Wold Map (World Artist and Masters Map) so that clients could easily find the performer of their procedure.

Every student will receive a starter kit that contains all the basic products and tools for the procedure and client care products.

The price for online training is 1,300 EUR (KIT, taxes and shipping costs are included).

In addition, a student is free of charge admitted to Skin Expert Course and First Class Service trainings.

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